We offer a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, which enables us to produce traditional and individually designed memorials made from high quality natural materials: marble, granite, slate or stone. We can also give advice on refurbishing existing memorials. Our services include additional inscriptions, cleaning, refurbishing and re-fixing, thereby ensuring that your family remembrances are properly cared for.

New Memorials– We can offer a exquisite range of headstones, gravestones, and memorials are designed and crafted by expert masons. Your chosen gravestone or headstone can be personalised so that the colour, inscriptions, letters, shape and material of the gravestone suit your requirements. If you have any specific memorial requirements don’t hesitate to get in touch. All prices that are stated are based upon the material/size that has been selected. Price of memorial includes fixing and fitting at the Cemetery/Churchyard. Churchyard/Cemetery fees may be an addition charge.

Lettering price list for New Memorials.
Sandblasted and painted Black, Gold, Silver, White or Grey- first 100 letters included – £1.65 extra per letter.
Sandblasted and gilded – first 65 included – £2 extra per letter.

Hand carved lettering catered for – price on application.

Raised Lead lettering catered for – price on application.

In Laid Lead lettering catered for – Price on application.

Memorial Cleaning and Restoration– Cleaning and renovations of headstones can reveal once more the beauty of your family memorial. Whether your family memorial is made of granite, marble or another natural material we will renovate your stone back to its former quality to commemorate your loved one.

Additional Memorial Inscriptions– Your family may already own a memorial in a cemetery or churchyard, on which you need an additional inscription to commemorate another member of the family. If the original inscription on your family’s memorial was hand cut many years ago or with a more recent method of being sandblasted. We can guarantee to match the original inscription and method used to ensure the individual style of your family memorials is maintained. Raised Lead and In-Laid-Lead lettering also carried out.

Bespoke Artwork– We provide our bespoke artwork service to further enhance the personal finish to your memorial. We are able to produce almost any design to represent personal hobbies, passions or anything else that is personal for you to best remember your loved one. For example we can take a drawing from a book and re produce it by sandblasting the illustration on to the headstone or for even more in depth detail our artist can hand etch almost any image provided by directly on the stone.

Pet Memorials When it comes to memorials at pet cemeteries, we are not under the strict regulations governing the human world. You can inscribe any message, names or nicknames on a wide variety of tributes ranging from a simple plaque right through to ornamental headstones. Smaller pet memorials are available to send direct to your home for an additional fee of £8.